We provide daily methadone doses, individual and group counseling, education in the disease of addiction, referrals to NA/AA meeting referrals to supportive agencies.



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The optimum amount of methadone for each person will vary within a given range according to the amount of opiates they are taking and the agreed treatment aims. The main goals for treatment at Progressive Medical  Specialists, Inc. are:  (1) preventing onset of withdrawal from opiates for 24 hours or more; (2) reducing or eliminating cravings for opiates; (3) blocking the effects of any illicitly-acquired, self-administered opioids (opiate abuse); and (4) increase in functioning of daily life activities.

Treatment Aims:

Our goal is to assist every client in obtaining a functioning, fulfilling life. While we acknowledge that this is not possible for everyone, we are committed to working with each client as an individual. We place no particular time limit on treatment it is based on your individual needs.  

Our Goal:

"To provide the best possible treatment for our clients as well as creating the best work environment that fosters growth as individuals and as a team attempting to reach a common goal."

Our Mission:

We are a private methadone maintenance facility that opened its doors in November 1992 at the Strip district location and 1995 in the Washington county location.


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