Covid-19 Safety Plan:

   Progressive Medical Specialists is committed to providing life-sustaining treatment to our clientele while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all staff and clients especially during this difficult time.
   COVID -19 has been overwhelming to our country let alone to those who suffer from the disease of addiction and for those individuals who have chosen to provide needed treatment services to this population.
   We have a COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Plan and the following is specific information we want to make sure anyone entering our building is aware of, please contact the facility via email or by telephone for more details or with any questions.
   Thank you for your assistance with helping Progressive Medical provide treatment services as safety as possible during this difficult time.
-      Anyone entering the building(s) must be wearing a mask to properly cover their face. If anyone is not wearing a mask they cannot enter the building(s)
-      For Clients, they must be wearing a mask throughout the entire building (with counselor, at front desk, etc.). A Client can only remove their mask in order to dose
-      Social Distancing must be followed outside and inside of the building(s). All Clients entering the building must wait at floor markers to stay 6 feet apart. Clients will be called up to front desk or dosing window once staff are ready. Clients must remain in front of clear protector at front desk and dosing window.
-      All Clients must report any traveling before going away so we can begin to plan for their return to facility and give instructions on quarantining/getting tested
-      All Clients must call before entering the building any illness so they can receive instructions on how to proceed
-      All emergency and individual contact information must be kept up to date by every client
   Our Staff have been educated and trained to manage an infectious disease crisis. There is an employee COVID-19 specific plan in place that all staff is required to enforce. This safety preparedness plan is updated regularly.